5 stars isn't enough!!

I was scrolling through the different BYOB Groupons and purchased this one based on price and the painting schedule. My mom, being a snow bird loves the southwest theme, especially Kokopelli's so when I saw they had one called "The Rain Dance" with 3 Kokopelli's, I had to reserve a spot.

I scheduled it like 6 weeks out for 2/20 and told my mom I had a surprise for her and to be at my house ready to go after I got home from work.

That morning I received a call from the owner Carole informing me we were the only two to RSVP for that night, which is a very rare occurrence. As you can tell from their pictures, there is always a group of folks who RSVP every night. She wanted to warn us that it wouldn't be a group setting since that's what a lot of folks are after. She left it up to us if we wanted to reschedule for another night or come in for a party-of-two. They weren't offering this particular painting until April so I told her we'd still be in.

When my mom got in the car and learned where we were going, she was NOT impressed to say the least. I had no idea she was so against the idea of a painting class (she thought we were going for a spa treatment and dinner). Oh well, off to Mesa we go....

Carole was FANTASTIC. She easily could have canceled our class and told us to reschedule. She could have made up an emergency so I wasn't angry. But, she didn't. Instead of having a night off she came in and taught us how to paint knowing she made very little on the Groupon. I think that speaks volumes for the type of person she is and the type of business she runs.

She was very patient with the fact my mom and I are pokey, she offered tips and guidance but let us figure it out on our own. Who knew we were so talented????

I live in North Phoenix and there are many studios closer to my house but the next time I'm feeling a little artistic, I will definitely be heading to Mesa and joining Carole for a little painting.

--Tonya M ( 2/21/14)

I have been to Party with Paint twice and have a third class booked later next month.  

I have taken painting classes at two other similar businesses.  One was in Scottsdale and was priced at nearly twice Party With Paint's regular pricing.  I will admit the painting I painted there was more detailed, and the instructor took more time to teach some art theory, and the painting was more true to the original version (Starry Night) than Party with Paint's version. However, the class was longer, not nearly as relaxed, and like I said, twice the cost.  

On the other hand, I noticed in pictures of some of the previous classes at Party with Paint, that everyone is free to make the painting their own (although most people follow the original fairly closely) - customize the color scheme (red or teal Starry Nights instead of blue), change the flower type or go completely off book - I can't image most instructors encouraging that, so those of your wanting to stretch your artistic muscles, looks like you will find a instructor here willing to encourage some experimentation.  .  

The studio and classes at Party with Paint definitely have a relaxed, make yourself comfortable feel.  Carole (owner/instructor) is a fun, personable teacher, who seems to be able to bring out the artist in everyone.  It appears that most of the painting are her own creations, and/or simplified versions of "masterpieces".

For a date night or a girls night this is a great studio that won't break the bank.  Bring some finger foods for a picnic dinner and it will probably cost less than dinner out and a movie.

  --Rebecca P. ( 2/3/14)

I brought my two boys and we all LOVED the entire experience!!  Atmosphere and teacher/owner Carol were wonderful!  Start to finish process was well planned and went very smoothly.  And the product each participant left with was a beautiful and descent sized canvas painting (measuring approx. 19x16).  Even if you don't buy the Groupon, this is dirt cheap for what you get!
--Sarah Fazzi Shaw (1/18/14)

We went here last night for a date night (my fiance and I) thanks to a Living Social deal, and had a blast!  

Pros: The lady who taught thWe went here last night for a date night (my fiance and I) thanks to a Living Social deal, and had a blast!  
Pros: The lady who taught the class, Carole, was really friendly and provided clear instruction for the painting.  This is the second time we've been to one of these type of events, the other being by a different venue altogether.  Parking was easy, and the place was easy to find using the maps on our cell phones.  At the end of the class, group and individual photos are taken if you desire, and you can leave your email address for her to send you digital copies of the pics.

Cons: There are a couple reasons this didn't make five stars (but just barely).  First, the class was 2 hours long, which was a little too short for the complexity of the painting.  We ran over by about 30 minutes from the scheduled 7-9:00 p.m. time.  In all not a big deal, but if you're going know it might run over and plan accordingly.  Second, if you're coming from Phoenix (like we were) it's pretty far out into Mesa.  Be sure you leave work/home early enough to have time for a quick dinner before you go, as this wasn't held at a restaurant like the other one we went to.  

Summary:  This place is a lot of fun for a date night or a group of friends.  I would have actually rated it 4.5 stars if that were an option.  We would definitely go back!

--Robbie G. ( 10/25/13)

We had a blast at Party with Paint. We found a Groupon for a two hour painting class for two people and figured that this would make for an excellent date night - and we were right! Carole (instructor and owner) was very nice and an excellent guide throughout the painting process. We decided to do the "Cocktails anyone?" painting (photos are uploaded) and it was a fun one to do. The entryway is adorably lined with photos of all her class attendees and their art pieces / creations with date labels for reference.  She very obviously keeps up with this since many of the dates were within the last few days / weeks.  There was also a picture of her very first client to sign up, which was fun to see.The table setup was intimate and it was easy to hear Carole no matter where she was standing in the room, which made the instructions easy to follow.  We can't wait to see our individual / group photo that she took at the end and offered to email to anyone that was interested in a copy.

Overall: A+
Excellent girl's night out / date night / individual learning fun or any other event!  She even mentioned how some people come with visiting family and exchange paintings at the end of the session for keepsakes to go home with each party - very cool idea!
--Stacy F. ( 10/25/13)

This is my favorite of the 3 places I have been to in the valley. It is roomy, there is space to stand or sit, even get up and walk around without bumping into the person next to you. Having a sink to wash the paint off your hands before you leave is a major plus. A HUGE perk is you get a disposable apron that you can lay your painting on in your car to protect it from any wet paint. I almost forgot the unlimited amount of paint in a basket along with the other supplies you need for your painting. The supplies include several different brushes, not just 2 or 3. You don't have to beg for more paint or try to squeeze around your neighbor to get more paint. I have only been 3 times and I am hooked. It is great with a group of friends or alone.
--Rose K. ( 6/27/13)

We are always looking for fun and different double date ideas other than eating until I explode, sitting in a cold movie theater, and getting sloshed. I came across a LivingSocial for 4 for Party With Paint and thought "Why not?"

The setting is adorable. The warehouse of a hanger. Such a homey feel. There is a little sitting area and a wet bar. The appointed masterpieces adorn the walls. Everything is well organized and your workspace is completely set up
and ready to go.

You can bring your own booze and light snacks. You can try to stay classy and stick to wine and chocolates ... however, I am dying to take some whiskey (to sip of course ;)  or beer and some salt and vinegar potato chips.

The instructor is incredible. An obviously talented artist herself. But she is down to earth, warm, extremely helpful, and has a great sense of humor. Her instruction is precise and easy to understand. I am a HORRIBLE artist. Meanwhile my sister, who was next to me, is a talented life long painter. She made us both very happy. I was advised and sometimes consoled, while my sister was challenged and free to explore her genetic gift. (Which skipped me.)

Our husbands, who usually like to spend their double dates watching sports, sharing horrible jokes, and giving each other high-fives, were almost completely quiet for THREE HOURS. Priceless. 

We got this deal on LivingSocial but honestly the original price is totally worth it. We will be back. (Warning!) Thanks Carol!

--Vegegirly C ( 4/12/13)

I definately have no artistic abilities. However, I have been to Party with Paint twice now and it was super fun. Carol is great and so positive and helpful. I now have two paintings that are pretty good considering my abilities! I will be going again!
--Jean G. (March 15, 2013

I had such a blast at party with paint! Carole (owner) has a fun positive energy that fills the room!
Even if you are not artistic or have picked up a paint brush in your life, you will still have fun at Party with Paint. Carole does an incredible job breaking down the painting into easy steps that anyone could follow. The best part is, you get to take home a painting that is all your own! I would absolutely recommend this fun activity to anybody!
--Kadie D. (December 26, 2012

This is a great concept. I needed to take my mind off life for a moment and this did just the trick. All you think of is the painting in front of you and finished masterpiece. I am creating a conversational wall for all the masterpieces I create - Good job Party with Paint!!!
--Christine (November 16, 2012

I've partied with paint 2 times now and am already planning my next trip! It's become my new favorite place for double (even triple) date night. A little wine, a few friends, and a ton of fun! Carole (the instructor and owner) is super engagin and helpful. She'll even laugh with you when your "van Gogh" turns into a "Picasso" :P

 --Alyssa (10/26/12

I would like to say that my evening at Party with Paint was one of the most relaxing evenings I have had in a long time. It was well organized, no frenzied instructions of what or what not to do. Just simple instructions that began with “relax” and you are here to have fun. Carole kept reminding us we weren’t being graded or producing the next Picasso. We were here for memorable evening that we would want to do again.
She was right, I will return again and again!!!

--Christine (10/15/12)

I attended the Grand Opening on Sat, Oct 6th. Its a quaint little place with a cozy ambiance! It was a relaxing and fun environment and worth my time! I got to be creative and paint a picture which I normally would not do for myself on my own. Next time I plan to go with a group of friends and bring our own bottle of bubbly to share! Loved it :)

--Sabrina (10/7/12

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